Case studies
Here you can find what our clients were able to achieve thanks to Kaiken's advanced technology
Why Choose Us?
  • Networking
    A community of customers spread around the world
  • Portability
    270 grams, 165 by 165 cm: low transportation footprint.
    10 drones in one carry-on case.
  • User-friendly
    Setting up your show is quick and straightforward
  • Easy to merge
    Compatibility with 3rd parties show drones
Light a Sky
Light a Sky merged four fleets together to create a beautiful 500-drone show. For that, they rented drones from Flyfire and two other clients: Astranate and McClic.
After receiving the drones, they merged the fleets and launched a successful show in just a few days.
Grizzly Entertainment
Weighing in at 270 grams with the battery, Kaiken is one of the lightest and smallest light show drones. This makes it exceptionally portable and easy to work with, as it requires less space both in storage and on the showground. This allowed our client, Grizzly Entertainment, to move their entire fleet from Cyprus to the USA and launch successful operations there.
Grizzly Entertainment - 500 drone show for Gloria Molina Grand Park's 4th of July Block Party
Our drones can easily be combined with others if you already have a preexisting fleet. Our client, SkySparks, successfully performed a drone show using a mixed fleet of their own assembled DJI F450 drones and Flyfire Kaiken.
SkySparks - drone show in honor of the 75th anniversary of Israel